Happy New Year, the team at Phone Hire wishes you all a very happy and healthy 2023. As a new year begins the Phone Hire team thought we would share our three favourite smartphones to watch out for in 2023. The three we selected were all released late in 2022 and are both Apple and Android and available to hire from Phone Hire.

No.1: Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro

The first is Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro which is the current flagship iPhone device on the market. At Phone Hire, we loved the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max so for the iPhone 14 Pro to top the 13 Pro range takes some doing.

The iPhone 14 Pro is a 6.1’ phone with a 48MP main triple-camera, and super retina XDR display whilst running on a bionic A16 chip. It really is impressive and the most powerful iPhone yet. 

We have the iPhone 14 Pro available for hire at Phone Hire, so please contact one of the team.

2023 smartphone picks

No. 2: Samsung S22

The next phone for 2023 is the Samsung S22, which is Samsung’s latest flagship phone. We like Samsung phones as they are really user-friendly, innovative and excellent value for money.

The Samsung S22 is a standard-size Android phone at 6.1’ but there is the S22 Ultra which is 6.8’ (slightly larger than Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max which is 6.7’). However, it is the S22 that the team at Phone Hire love.

It has an excellent triple-function camera including an impressive 50MP wide-angle front camera as well as a 12MP Ultra-wide camera and a 10MP telephoto camera. This allows the user to have an excellent camera to take stunning photos at any time.

2023 smartphone picks

No. 3: Google Pixel 7

Finally, we have another Android phone making the top three list of phones to hire in 2023. The new Google Pixel 7 has caught the Phone Hire team’s eye. This very new Pixel 7 (it was released in October 2022) is another 6.1’ smartphone.

Phone Hire loves the fact there has been no price increase for the Pixel 7 and it has an extremely stylish and cool look and feel to it. The camera can produce superb stills with its dual camera 50MP rear camera and 12MP front camera. The Pixel 7 is processed by a Google Tensor 2. As a result, the Google Pixel 7 offers great augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. In addition, there is a huge battery life improvement which is so important and often the first question people ask our Phone Hire staff.

2023 smartphone picks

Rent the top 3 from Phone Hire

If you would like to rent a Google Pixel 7, the Samsung S22 or are interested in the iPhone 14 Pro then Phone Hire is the place to visit. We offer an extensive range of iPhones from the iPhone 14 Pro to the 13 Pro, the 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 series as well all the iPhone 11 models plus many more. 

Our collection of Samsung S22, S21, S20 and S10 models is the most extensive in the UK and with other phones such as the Google Pixel and the Huawei Android phones, Phone Hire remains the number 1 phone rental company in the UK.

For further information on how Phone Hire can assist your event/exhibition or conference, please email the team at: info@phone-hire.co.uk or call 0207 686 7345.

HAPPY 2023…!

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