Phone Hire Privacy Policy (as from 25 May 2018)

Our Privacy Policy has been amended in relation to the GDPR rules that came into effect on 25 May 2018.

At Phone-Hire we will continually review our business operations to ensure we reach the GDPR standards that are legally required but is also morally required internally by our team.

In short, for Phone-Hire this means maintaining the confidence, trust and knowledge of any visitors to our website:

Our Promise:

We would like to highlight the fact that Phone-Hire is not in and never will be in the business of selling, renting or trading any email lists and / or any your data for any marketing or any other purposes. We never have and never will.  Phone-Hire is not part of any corporate group so any data we handle is solely for Phone-Hire internal use only.

However, in this Privacy policy, we will provide detailed information on why we collect your data, what we do with it and how we secure your data.

Collecting and our use of your Personal Data:

First and fore most you can browse and explore our website without any need to provide any personal data. We do analyse our web traffic, but this is more the type of device used to browse our site or which search engine used to browse the site. We certainly do not analyse or capture IP addresses of our site visitors and nor will we.

Moreover, we do not request a subscription to any newsletter, nor do we run any competitions. In fact, the only time we collect personal data is when you would like to make an enquiry into a product or one of our services.

By personal data, we mean any data that we may use or store. Typically, this is collected from you in the form of an enquiry into a product or service that you are potentially interested in from Phone-Hire.

Initially, we will request your name, phone number and an email address so that we can respond to your enquiry and to be able to send you a quote. We will rarely call you unless there is a request to do so or should a particularly technical challenge/product/ service be requested in which we may need to discuss the project with you.

Should your enquiry result with an order then we will request an address for delivery and collection. You may have provided a postcode for delivery (but this is just so we know what part of the UK, Europe you are so we can provide an accurate quote).

So just so we are clear Phone-Hire only use your personal data to tell you about equipment/services you’ve enquired about or to contact you should we need to obtain or provide additional information in order to respond to your enquiry.