Phone Hire and Phone Rentals in Cambridge

iPhones are the most popular smartphones. However, not everyone purchases them due to their expensive price tag (which to be fair are fast becoming more expensive with each year that passes). That said, not everyone needs the latest device all year round. Quite often, for an event, conference, trade show or exhibition a device is only required for a few days or for a short-term hire

At Phone Hire we provide a top-rated phone rental service across the region. Users tend to take the path of iPhone hiring or renting Android phones in Cambridge for a variety of reasons (not only for traditional events and exhibitions), but as there is a high volume of app creation and development in Cambridge, our phones are often used for testing various applications. Depending on the circumstance of your rental, you get to choose between the various iPhone, Samsung and Google phone models for ensuring the app fully works across all platforms.

Indeed, since the iPhone 5 was first released in September 2012 Phone Hire has been providing phones for app development and testing to numerous clients in Cambridge.

So if you wish to hire intelligence and the latest phones from our team at Phone hire for your event in Cambridge then we’ll be delighted to assist. Our Phone Hire company is designed to offer our clients the convenience to book their phone rentals with no hassles. Our team at Phone Hire will be more than happy to assist with your phone needs and we can provide the latest iPhone 14 Pro hire, the latest Samsung S22 rentals or indeed you can hire a Google Pixel 7 as well as older models (the iPhone 5 is no longer available!), but iPhone 8 hire is.

So please get in touch with us to learn more about all the models and versions of phone hire available in Cambridge by calling 0207 6867345 or by emailing us via: – we look forward to hearing from you.