Samsung Galaxy / Google Pixel Rental and iPhone Hire in Oxford

With thriving colleges and universities along with small businesses and large corporations Oxford has become one of the fastest growing regions Phone Hire operates in. It has been over 10 years since we first hired T equipment in Oxford.

Since then, due to the large number of seminars, business forums, events and creative studio workshops, Oxford has become a region not only hiring iPhones, but also heavily renting Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel android phone devices. Our Samsung S20, S21 and S22 phones are consistently hired for such events and seminars. With the cameras on the latest Samsung phones being exceptional, our Phone Hire clients in Oxford are able to hire android phones in a quick, hassle-free manner.  We believe in making the process of Android phone hire in Oxford as simple as possible as the demand for next-day service increases. Similarly, our iPhone rental service in Oxford is second to none.

Moreover, as there is an increase in EPOS-related events being held on Android phones across Oxford, the Samsung Galaxy range of phones provide excellent EPOS solutions at live events. Together with the Google Pixel phones these Android models are fast, quick and reliable for any EPOS event. At Phone Hire, we can also provide various network connectivity options in order to best-serve your live event.   

So to hire Samsung and Google Pixel Android phones as well as iPhone rentals for your event in Oxford please call us 0207 686 7345 or email: for more information.