Welcome to our Phone Hire blog! As the year kick-starts (and with January now passed), the team at Phone Hire are looking at the year ahead and wondering whether the costs of Phone Hire purchases are about to rise. Certainly, we all know that we pay enough for our mobile phone devices, but costs may soon increase.

The main factor is a shortage globally of the chips that are used in electronic devices. Chips are the brains of many electrical products from games consoles to smart fridges. Moreover, the laptop maker, ASUS, whose laptop hire is also available through Phone Hire and our sister brands hinted that components and chip shortages would impact and consequently increase consumer prices.

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So do the Phone Hire team think prices will increase this year? It’s certainly possible, but realistically we believe prices will remain at current levels as opposed to being increased. Surely android phones, iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, MacBooks and Laptops cannot continue to increase in price? Consumers of phones are extremely loyal, but there will definitely be a price-point in which consumers seek alternative and cheaper phone devices.

An early indicator will be next week’s Samsung product launch on 09 Feb 2022. As this is the first major phone launch in 2022, Phone Hire is eagerly looking forward to the Samsung S22 phone launch.

We believe the Samsung S22, the Samsung S22+ and Samsung S22 Ultra will become extremely popular Android phone hire devices and we anticipate the launch prices to be the same as the Samsung S21 hire in 2021. The Samsung S21 for phone rentals at Phone Hire has been and remains an excellent device. Without a doubt, the Samsung S21 is Samsung’s slickest, smartest phone and is still a fantastic device. However, we expect the Samsung S22 camera along and other features to be even greater than in the Samsung S21 phone device. All will be revealed next week. It would be a big surprise if the Samsung S22 is not the leading Android phone to hit the market.

As we hope the global chip shortage does not impact retail sales prices in 2022, the Phone Hire team will be counting down until we can get our hands on the new Samsung S22 phone. As you know Phone Hire is the UK’s leading Phone Rental Company and we look forward to adding the new Samsung S22 device to our phone hire product portfolio in the UK.

If you or any of your team require the latest Android products for any of your forthcoming events please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0207 6867345 or via email: info@phone-hire.co.uk and Phone Hire UK will be more than happy to assist you.

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