Have you noticed if any of your devices run on 5G yet? Chances are you possibly haven’t noticed, especially if you’ve been working from home and not moving around, but as the months pass by 5G connectivity will become a more relevant subject.

When it comes to 5G Samsung has a variety of phones that run on 5G, such as the S10, S20, and S21 devices, whereas Apple is new to the 5G device market and only released their iPhone 12 range in October 2020. As ever, at Phone Hire, we have a variety of 5G phone devices to offer, both as short-term hire and also as long-term hire.

So what is 5G? In short, it’s a fifth-generation cellular wireless and natural progression from 4G. Yet it’s important to note your network provider will need to be able to offer 5G, but soon all networks should be able to do this. 5G is a good thing as it will provide faster download/upload speeds as users become more demanding, which will allow for faster website downloads to streaming music and TV.

5G increases the bandwidth which means watching in a higher resolution and this is increasingly useful for FaceTime as so many friends/family/loved ones are currently apart. In addition, it will provide more reliable internet experiences as speeds could be as much as 6-7 times faster than 4G.

So as 5G becomes more readily available, we expect to see an uptake in the user’s wishing to both try 5G as well as an upgrade to 5G-compatible phones. It is definitely one of the biggest technical advancements for infrastructure in the UK for many years and consumers will know their 5G-compatible devices will be relevant for the next few years at least.

As the way we work changes, our digital communication and demands will also change and the team at Phone Hire will be happy to assist you in your phone hire requirements.

For more information: email: info@phone-hire.co.uk or call 0207 6867345

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