You’ve probably seen or received quite a few emails by now on GDPR and possibly haven’t taken too much notice, but in 2 weeks it comes into full force and Tablet Rentals believes it will be an extremely positive thing. So what is it?

Well GDPR (General DATA Protection Regulation) comes into force on 25th May 2018. So..?

Well most importantly it provides us (we are customers as well) and you (our customers) more rights and protection on what happens to our data. Ultimately, organisations will have to have more defined processes in place for dealing with data. And this is a very good thing.

You need to know that Tablet Rentals will correctly handle your data as well as respecting your privacy and personal information.

Now at Tablet Rentals we’re quite fortunate in that we don’t handle (or store) huge amounts of customer data. For example, we’re not a walk-in shop so we don’t take credit card details on a daily / regular basis. Yes, we can take payment by card but we already have very strict guidelines in handling that data with Worldpay – our online merchant partner, so any card data is protected. Often our repeat clients will ask if we can just charge the card from a previous order, but we can’t as we never store any of that detail so your data is disposed of once a transaction is successfully processed.

However, we definitely do handle customer’s data (mainly email addresses, names and telephone numbers). This is a result of 7 years of growth as a business, hundreds / thousands of client enquiries and just the fact that we operate within an ever-changing technology market so our clients and their requirements continue to expand.

Thankfully we only handle the internal data we require, namely an email address in which to respond to your enquiry, a telephone number in case there are questions to discuss in detail, your name so we know who we are speaking with and for confirmed orders your address so we know where to send your order. We don’t ask information such as your date of birth / gender / place of birth etc as it’s totally irrelevant for us. In addition, under no circumstances do we share your data with anyone – we’re not part of a corporate group, nor have any reason to whatsoever.

That said we are asked by numerous clients to build data capture software or guest registration apps. We are more than happy to so but we will ensure they are all GDPR compliant going forward.

Just as important clients / enquiries must know they can contact us with an enquiry but they can opt out of Tablet Rentals storing their data (from the enquiry) at any time. Obviously, we will provide the option of opting in and for Tablet Rentals to very occasionally contact with an offer or new product launch, but any client can opt out at any time.

As you can see there is a lot of work that needs to happen to ensure companies are GDPR compliant.

Currently, we are contacting our clients and contacts to provide a GDPR opt in or unsubscribe option. Pre-GDPR we only contacted our clients a maximum 2-3 times a year anyway and certainly for those clients that opt-in this will not increase post-GDPR. If you have any questions on this, please email:

12 May 2018

Tablet Rentals