Hello to the new Google Pixel 7, we’re Phone Hire and it’s great to finally meet you. This week, our team welcomed this amazing smartphone into our portfolio of phones to hire. As you are aware, Phone Hire has the largest stock of iPhones/Samsung and other Android phone rentals in the UK with the latest models such as the Samsung S22 and the iPhone 14.

What do our experts think of it..?

It’s an excellent device and we rate it highly. Here’s why we think it will become popular with our customers. On the face of it, the Google Pixel 7 is physically very similar to the Google Pixel 6 which is good because Google’s Pixel design is superb! So why change a winning formula? 

At Phone Hire, we have been hiring Google Pixel devices since the Pixel 3. They are great phones, with excellent software and remain extremely good value for money.

Whilst Apple (in particular) have hiked up their prices in 2022 quite substantially, Google has kept the Pixel 7 at the same price as its other smartphones last year, whilst ramping up the quality. This is great as it means we can offer the same rates as compared to the previous Pixel. 

We appreciate the fact that in as much as manufacturing costs are spiralling, Google is offering the Pixel 7 (128GB) for £599.00. This will be good news for its army of fans. Certainly, the Pixel 7 is the cheapest leading flagship smartphone on the market. Even the Pixel 7 Pro is reasonably priced at £849.00, especially if you compare it to the iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) which is a staggering £1,099.00.

For those who are wondering about other aspects of the Pixel 7, the battery life has improved significantly which is a huge must for any new prospective buyer. The other major factor we consider when hiring a smartphone is the quality of the camera, which is hugely important for customers and we’re here to let you know that the Pixel 7 camera doesn’t disappoint! Google has enhanced its camera capabilities through superb production stills. If that’s not enough, our customers will definitely love the smoother video stabilisation and ability to capture quality low-light images using a pair of rear cameras: a 50MP main unit and a 12MP, 123-degree ultrawide.

google pixel 7

Power-wise, Google continues to up its game as the Pixel 7 is powered by the new Tensor G2, which was introduced last year in the form of a new Tensor chip. This will be used to power Android 13 – the new version of Google mobile OS.

One thing that never stops is Google/Samsung and Apple’s creativity in colour names. The Pixel 7 is available in Obsidian (black), Lemongrass (light green) and Snow (white) colours whereas the Pixel 7 Pro comes in Obsidian, Snow and Hazel (a combination of brown and green) colours.

Although the Google Pixel 7 has received a bit of a design overhaul for 2022, it’s still very much a Google Pixel look and feel. The small 6.3-inch AMOLED display on the front has a resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 and comes with 8GB of RAM and supports HDR10+ video playback. If we had a criticism, then we feel Google could and should have introduced dual sim slots (or at least a microSD). So hopefully, that has been noted at their HQ.

Overall, the new Pixel 7 is one to certainly rent and those hiring are in for a treat. It’s a cracking phone with excellent features, a uber cool camera and is extremely cost-effective, especially compared to the iPhone 14. For Phone Hire’s Google Pixel 7 fans, please get in touch as these are now available and in stock. 

For any iPhone hire or Samsung phone rental enquiries then please contact our Phone Hire team on: info@phone-hire.co.uk or by calling: 0207 686 7345.

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