Although it certainly doesn’t currently feel like it Spring / Summer 18 is on the way…!

With that in mind, we thought we’d discuss the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet. These tablets are still very much in demand, still fantastic device and become extremely popular at outdoor and pop-up events.

The Microsoft Surface 3 is a complete 2 in 1 tablet solution. It is 10.6 inches and at the time was Microsoft’s only Surface offering that could run Windows 10. It was an immediate hit among Microsoft fans as it provided a complete laptop experience but only a lightweight tablet. It is used like an iPad would be used, yet is perfect to deal with documents and files that you need to urgently receive or have been sent.

Moreover, there are other benefits in that users can use mobile apps (such as word mobile app) and the office mobile app is great – a mini version of the full software package which works superbly on the MS Surface tablet. This makes the Surface 3 so popular to hire. Renting a Surface tablet allows you to be able to access all your documents and data yet in an iPad-type format. It not only runs Windows 10 but windows 10S.

Hardware wise the Surface is perfect. The pop-out stand is fantastic (Apple take note?) and just makes the usability of the Surface 3 so tempting.

The Intel ATOM processor is excellent yet not so powerful that it both drains battery and performance. All in all it’s a superb lightweight office and web-browsing tablet that ticks all the boxes for any event. We event have security desk stands for the MS Surface 3.

At Tablet Rentals we are pleased to offer MS Surface 3 tablets for your windows need, so if you’re interested to rent a Surface 3 for the short or long-term, then please contact Tablet Rentals on 0207 6830232 or email: