Special Events

We have been privileged to be involved in numerous special events across the UK. Aside from running various live voting / polling / questions / comments events for arrange of corporate clients, Tablet Rentals has also successfully delivered a range of special, one-off events

Need an iPad Wall built that allows virtual to become reality on Regent Street?We successfully delivered this

Interactive pantomime using iPad Technology

Or perhaps you want to host a world exclusive interactive pantomime using iPad Technology? Yeah we did this as well.

Do you need your event to have a POP Art feel to it?

We’ve actually successfully loads of very diverse, one-off projects so please call as we may well be able to help!!

We have a POP Art artist who has designed various cool, quirky images for clients (both creative and corporate) for their events?

From poster and printed literature to special iPad designed cases, we can assist.

For further information or if you wish to discuss your forthcoming project and how Tablet Rentals can assist, then please call 0207 683 0232 or email info@tablet-rentals.co.uk