Event Pop Art

At Tablet Rentals we do much more than iPad or iPhone hire, laptop and MacBook rentals. As we work with various conference apps and live event software we are often asked to be involved in projects that are very much outside the box. We love such projects.

One iPad-hire conference event was to design something different for a corporate client that delegates could take away as a real memory from the conference.

As it was a digital / forward thinking event, Tablet Rentals was asked to come up with a concept of an unusual flyer / printed poster for the event.

We engaged with a specialist pop artist, who designed a pop art flyer specifically for the client’s corporate event. The result was a highly skilled printed pop art poster that delegates could take away.

Since then we have used a pop artist to design and draw iPad Pro cases, event souvenirs and promotional flyers. The result is stunning – delegates get a unique piece of art or an iPad Case that is truly stunning as well as very eye-catching. So not only can you rent iPads or hire iPhones at events, you can have bespoke iPad cases designed as well.

We have also created the world’s first interactive pantomime (as featured in the UK press), we have built an iPad wall for a designer on Regent St and we have hired iPads for a fleet of private planes for their customers.

Should you wish to discuss making your event more personal and bespoke then please call us today on 0207 6830232 and we’ll be delighted to discuss it further.