Hello All and what a hectic start to 2018. It seems only yesterday that we were looking forward to Christmas and the New Year and 2018 has certainly kept us busy to date.

Our 12.9 Pros are proving incredibly popular as are the 10.5 Pros and all the 2017 devices. The Samsung VR headsets are becoming an increasing feature at events and exhibitions and we recently managed our first event in Austria and another event back in Germany. With forthcoming events in Milan, New York, Paris and Holland Tablet Rentals are certainly looking forward to assisting a range of events internationally. Domestically February is always a very busy month and as the conference season starts we look forward to providing a range of bespoke apps and software solutions to help our clients make their events a huge success.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and if we can help in any way then please get in contact. Tablet Rentals