iPhone Rentals and Samsung Galaxy Hire in Chelmsford

Chelmsford is a city close to Phone Hire’s heart. Our parent company is registered in Chelmsford and it is area we know very well. It has some fantastic schools (a few are the leading schools in the country) as well a range of excellent further education colleges and we have been delighted to serve academic institutions across the borough.

We have provided iPhone Rentals and Samsung Phone Hire for a series of data capture events across Chelmsford. Due to the ease of holding a handheld device such as an iPhone 13 Pro Max or a Samsung S21 Ultra (both of which are in effect like the iPad mini due to their large size), Phone Hire can provide a simple data capture app on the phone which are perfect for start-ups or even established businesses, schools and colleges (especially around induction time) and signing up new leads. Consequently, our relationship with the University of Essex has allowed various cultural and academic groups to use our Samsung and iPhone devices for events on campus.

The success of renting phones has stretched onto the Chelmsford campus, where our Registration / Check-in apps have been heavily used. We provide iPhone Tripods and anti-theft stands for smartphones at events and a full event service solution.

So if you are an academic institution, an established company or a start-up looking for assistance and help for your event, then please contact Phone Hire to discuss how you can rent an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy hire or lease the latest Google Pixel 7  today on 0207 686 7345 or email: info@phone-hire.co.uk