Google Pixel, Samsung Phone and iPhone Rentals Worldwide

  • iPhones used in Qatar – no problem
  • Samsung Devices for a bespoke event in Angola…yes we can…
  • Live Android hire in the USA…that’s fine as well.
  • Or 25 iPhones and Samsung Phones to be used for an event in Japan? Again, yes we can.

Phone Hire loves a challenge and over the last 11 years, we have been challenged to get a number of varied equipment to a whole host of cities across the world.

We pride ourselves in dispatching Phones and IT equipment worldwide to ensure your event is a success. We have had several incredibly challenging timeframes to work within and will only commit to events we can deliver. Strangely enough, following Brexit, it is often easier to ship worldwide to events than it is to ship to Europe.

So if you have an event worldwide, call us today on 0207 686 7345 or email: and let us see if we can assist in making your event a success.