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Demonstrate how you can assist clients get on track

Whilst every business faces challenges, a common complaint is that there are simply not enough hours in the day to complete a task / manage a project / deal. Again there are Apps out there to help and the iPad again is a great platform to demonstrate this. One small example of a potential iPad App to use is goalGetter or Amp to run an initial assessment, while you are sitting with prospective clients so that they can see if they are on track to reach their goals. This sort of quick overview can wake prospective clients up to the fact they might not be on track and give you an opportunity to present how you can help them whilst looking slick on an iPad. Of course, iPads and Apps won’t fit every business, but take time out to see what the iPad can offer. Please talk to us at Tablet Rentals, because it’s quite possible we’ve heard of an App / software that could benefit your organisation.

Meet Virtually and Save Time

Many of your clients, like you, are busy and sometimes don’t necessarily want a face-to-face meeting. A potential alternative then is meeting software that allows you to use your iPad to both “show your face” and also share your screen to review important information. This allows you to work from outside the office. A simple solution which most tablet users know for the meeting is Skype, but, for a more professional presentation environment try using Fuze Meeting, WebEx or GoToMeeting. Companies like innovation and if it saves them time, then you’ll be in with a great chance of opening positive dialogue on how you can help them.

Card payments on your iPad

Did you know you can take card payments remotely on your iPad? Try izettle and see how it can improve your business. At Tablet Rentals we can provide izettle and an iPad for your event / exhibition and there are 4 easy steps:

  • Enter an amount
  • Insert a card (If you don’t have a reader, simply enter card details manually).
  • Ask your buyer to sign to confirm (Your customer signs with their finger straight on the screen)
  • Send a receipt via email (Digital receipts mean less fuss and you save a few trees)

Get Client Signatures More Conveniently

Similarly, do you need something urgently signed? Then use an iPad or other device. Did you know you can quickly get customer signatures on your iPad? Consider using an app like DocuSign Ink to capture signatures electronically. This is a major convenience for your clients and also a secure way to record their signature.

Consider a Personalized Approach to a Client Bid / Pitch

Recently, Tablet Rentals assisted a leading, professional services organisation in London to win a large pitch they were bidding on. We signed an NDA (as we do for various Apps and software) so we could assist with their pitch. We pre-loaded our clent’s presentations, video content and branded the iPads to ensure they looked extremely professional. We couriered 6 iPads to their bid company with clear instructions for both the use and how they would be re-collected 2 weeks later after the bids were finalised. This personal touch and use of iPads demonstrated a desire to go the extra mile, whilst we ensured the content looked professional and flowed slickly on the iPads.