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Open your mind to iPads

Tablet Rentals have worked with a range of major UK and Worldwide clients to deliver events in the UK, Europe and beyond. We offer the following iPad services and software that could benefit you:

  • iPad presentation streaming software
  • iPad voting
  • iPad Questions & Answers
  • iPad data capture
  • iPad surveys
  • iPad event Apps
  • iPad promotional Apps
  • iPad quizzes
  • iPad check-in / registration software

Social Media on your iPads

Social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great for getting out in front of both current clients and prospective clients. These channels enable companies to connect with their potential customers more frequently and allow them to share useful content such as timely links to articles and market news, industry updates and promotional campaigns.

Increased Mobility and engagement

Tablets and in particular, iPads are a powerful enabler for businesses to become more mobile and capture valuable face-to-face time with clients. Companies now have the ability to meet with clients almost anywhere while bringing the connectivity and feature rich environment of the home office.

An iPad version over Print?

Since many iPad users use pitch books, the tablet as a presentation tool not only increases mobility, but can also reduce administrative costs such as printing that can add up over time. Additionally, the use of iPad tablets increases engagement from any audience. The dynamic and interactive nature of these devices allows advisors to display and highlight information in a way that cannot be done with traditional printed presentations, which all adds up to a more cost-effective presentational format. Tablet Rentals have assisted many companies to move away from print to a new digital method of presenting content. Let us show it can help your company.

Greater Transparency with Clients

The mobility that iPad tablets create gives employees real-time access to information, data and presentational content. Previously, this could typically only be accessed from the office or by taking a heavy lap top along with you. Clients do not want to wait around to watch you slowly set-up, connect to a plasma / projector or so on. The interactive and user-friendly nature of the iPad provides for a seamless flow of information and can enhance an advisor’s service offering, thus deepening client relationships. Employees are able to easily accommodate clients – meetings can be held in the comfort of a client’s home / office, with the employee having access to all relevant data; documents can be signed via the tablet, providing a quick, full solution for clients. An iPad allows you to quickly present and get a meeting’s flow. Tablet Rentals also provide a range of desk / table /meeting stands for the iPads and we will ensure you look great at the meeting.