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Delivery FAQs

Ordering Equipment FAQs

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General FAQs

Delivery FAQs

Ordering Equipment FAQs

Payment FAQs

How can I reserve the equipment?

There are several ways to order equipment;

  1. by telephone (0207) 686 7345
  2. by email to info@phone-hire.co.uk
  3. you can complete our online order request form by providing all the necessary information and submit it to us.

We will send you a confirmation of your order by email along with a rental agreement for completion.

Please note, all email confirmations are legally binding and you are bound by our Terms & Conditions once an order is confirmed by email.

Can I extend my hire period?

Yes, we will try to accommodate this, but please contact us in advance so we can confirm this is possible. As long as we do not have a customer waiting for the equipment then we will happily accommodate your request.

Can the equipment be taken outside the UK?

Yes, you can but you must inform us in advance by writing. We need to know where you are taking it and to provide you with documentation to ensure you have no issues at customs!!

However, please note the equipment will also need to be insured outside the U.K

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, but only if we have not couriered the equipment to you.

If you cancel an order within 1 day of placing it, there’s no cancellation fee.

In addition, if you cancel an order more than 21 days before your hire period is due to start, then again there’s no cancellation fee.

However, if you want to cancel an order more than 2 days after placing it, and less than 21 days before your hire is due to start, there’s a cancellation fee of 50% of the hire charge, rising to 100% of the hire charge if you cancel less than 14 days before your hire is due to start.

Alternatively, if your event date has moved you can request for the order to be moved to the new hire dates and there are no additional costs if the original order mirrors the new order/dates.

Can I order more than 1 Device?

Yes. You can hire as many different pieces of equipment as you wish (subject to availability).

Can Individuals hire out equipment?

Yes, but only as long as we receive all the necessary paperwork and documentation and meet our security checks. Please note, Tablet Rentals Ltd has the right to refuse an order.

Can under 18s hire out equipment?

We cannot lease equipment to under 18’s.

However, we recognize that parents may wish to rent their child equipment for educational, recreational or holiday purposes and this fine as long as certain security conditions are met.

If all the security conditions are met then a parent/adult must be the guarantor for the equipment and complete all necessary paperwork.